Advantages of Solar Light Hire Lighting Solutions:
Offers an environmentally friendly, off-grid solution
Engineered for simplicity
Up to 4 days of autonomy
Fork lift cavaties for ease of transport around site

Our Lighting towers were designed by the owner of Volt Edge itself, designed to be able to be transported easily and moved around site if the need is required. No matter how big or small your project is there are no special skills required – simply we deliver to site and turn on. Once the sun goes down they automatically switch on. The advances in our Solar street lighting technology means that customers can reliably power VE street lighting in any weather condition anywhere in Australia. It is the perfect alternative to mains powered lighting giving the same lighting outputs and reliability.

Our Solar Street light generates its own electricity during the day, stores this energy in a battery and then discharges this battery into our solar LED light fixture. The cycle repeats itself every day to create a stand alone solar light that is environmentally friendly and cost effective. 


Solar panels convert on average 20% of sunlight into electrical energy.

Solar energy charges the batteries during the day

Batteries store the electrical energy to be used at night by the light.

The amount of battery storage determines the autonomy .

When there is no sunlight the solar controller turns the light on.

The energy stored during the day is used to power the light for the whole night.

At sunrise, the tight turns off and the cycle starts again


4 days of autononmy (Up to 4 days without charging)

No Refueling costs

28 – 24VDC – 133Ah Battery – 205W PV

Sylvania StreetLED 28W 3,466 Lumens at 4000K CCT or

Sylvania Greenstreet 26W 3,181 Lumens at 4000K